Religion in the Modern World: Problems and Prospects

Since ancient times, a person has always sought to explain all the events that occur around him and with his participation, to understand why everything happens in a certain sequence, and not in any other way, as well as why he was born and what is the meaning of his existence. In the first couple, the task of religion was to provide a person with an interpretation of everything that happens in the surrounding reality and the formation of his opinion about the world around him and its structure. The first human worldview was formed - a mythological one, which, in my opinion, can be considered pre-religious, since already at that moment there was an element of deification, the spiritualization of material objects and phenomena, which, in turn, is the basis for the emergence of pagan beliefs. With the emergence of a more clearly defined system of moral commandments and dogmas, the philosophical worldview was replaced by a religious one, thus marking the transition of humanity to a new conscious level.

The Role of Religion in the Life of Society

In my relationship with jesus christ essay that can have the best grade with online paper help, it would be highlighted that religion in society implements some important functions:
  • Religion is filled with religious norms and acts as one of the regulators of social behavior.
  • Religious norms, along with moral and legal norms, are social norms.
  • Religion fosters certain qualities in a person. Often these qualities characterize a believer very positively. We are talking about such qualities as kindness, love, devotion, mercy, etc.
  • Only religion is capable of answering the question6 "What is the meaning of life?", "What will happen to a person after his death?" Thus, religion solves the spiritual problems of a person in society.
The meaning of religion in the life of certain people, societies, and states are different. The same can be applied to various societies and states: some live according to the strict laws of religion (for example, Islam), others give their citizens complete freedom in matters of faith and do not interfere in the religious sphere at all, and still others keep religion banned.

Religion Today: Global Challenges, Hopes and Anxieties

In the foreseeable history of mankind, religion in one way or another influenced the life of society. In different periods, either its role intensified, or it faded into the background. Religious wars have repeatedly changed the borders of states, religious leaders became major politicians, and in the name of God they did both good and evil. What now? What place does religion occupy today in the life of different countries and regions, does it contribute to stability? Positive aspects of religion:
  • Religion reveals to a person the system of the structure of the universe, determines the meaning, purpose, and place in this world for each individual, and reveals the meaning of life.
  • This is consolation, hope, spiritual improvement, support, mercy. It is not for nothing that a person always turns to God when it is difficult for him.
  • If a person has a worthy example, for example, a certain religious ideal, then he tries to change himself for the better, tries to ideologically conform to the canons and commandments of his faith.