Why Lakeside?

At Lakeside you experience the joy and personal fulfillment of working as part of a committed team to help make a lasting different in the lives of children and in one another. Serving at Lakeside is rewarding spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally.

You grow spiritually as part of a Christian community that is making a real difference in the world by sharing Christ with youth and teaching what it means to live as a Christian. You will be engaged in daily worship, devotions, and ministry. Staff members often say that their greatest personal spiritual growth was experienced through their ministry to others. The friendships formed at Lakeside often last a lifetime.

Caring for and ministering to youth is very challenging. You are entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of active children. The work is physically and emotionally demanding, and can be intensive. Yet it is these very challenges, the testing and the triumphs, that build your emotional strength, self-confidence, and personal purpose in life.

Christian summer camp ministry is one of the best way to develop youth ministry skills and experience. Over a six week period you will experience what it is to minister to all different age groups, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, at a range of life issues. Many Lakeside staffers have taken this experience into a lifetime of ministry.

-The Lakeside Staff                                                                               Program@Lakesideonline.org                                                                                                  


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