• Christopher Johnson

Helping to Equip Future Ministry Leaders

Do you know that Lakeside has an exciting opportunity every summer that allows teens to serve, learn, and grow as an Intern in the Teen Leadership Program?

Teens ages 16 at the start of the program and entering their Junior year of High School will have opportunities to grow in their faith, form life-long friendships, develop important leadership skills, and all while serving alongside Lakeside summer staff.

The Teen Leadership Program is designed to provide a select group of high school students with a clear understanding of Christian faith and values, and how they may be applied to all aspects of life and culture.

The program focuses on three key elements of quality leadership: character, skill, and experience. As an Intern, they will:

  • Develop a better understanding of why Christian believe what they believe, and how to have meaningful conversations about the Christian faith with others.

  • Grow in your spiritual relationship with God, through small group discussions, personal devotions, and sharing life throughout the summer with fellow Christians.

  • Gain practical work and service experience in a Christian youth ministry environment.

In addition to working hard, Interns also have a lot of fun!

Those interested should apply today. This summer there are only six Intern positions available for male and six for female. If you know a teen who is ready to apply for this summer they can do so clicking here.