What’s an “All-Camp”?

All-Camps are crazy-fun, theme-inspired, all of camp event in the evening.  All-Camp events can be a game, a tournament, or a insanely fun group activity. Here are just a few Lakeside’s famous all-camp events from summers past:  (You never know what we will do this summer though!)

Capture the Sticks – A rendition of capture the flag, where you have to make it to the opposing teams circle, grab one of multiple sticks, and bring it back to your side. You need to do all of that without getting your flag pulled.

Battle Flags – Teams line up on opposing side of the field with their flags on. The goal is to get as many flags off the opposing teams players as possible.  A camp favorite that takes strategy and unity as a team.

The Carnival – This is a fun time for the campers to experience a carnival like atmosphere. Activities include face painting, bounce house, cotton candy, popcorn, and many other fun games. (For Younger Campers)

There will also be brand new all-camp games introduced this summer. Come check them out!