A Day at Camp

MorningsActivities at Lakeside Christian Camp

Each morning at camp officially begins at 8am with a hearty breakfast to start the day off right. After breakfast campers head back to the cabins to get ready for the day and to tidy up the cabins (cleanest cabin gets to go in first for lunch!) Cabins then head to the chapel to worship led by the Lakeside worship team and to hear a morning message from Program Director. Cabin leaders then discuss what the speaker shared, more in-depth, with his/her campers in a small group setting. The morning ends with 2 hours of skills class time, where the campers learn a set of skills that they can apply to their lives.  (More info on Skills Classes)

Afternoons.Games at Lakeside Christian Camp

The afternoons begin at the flagpole for a midday prayer. This is a time where the camp prays together as a whole or as individual cabins. Immediately following that is lunch time. A good time to refuel for the rest of the day after an exciting morning. Campers then get a break in the cabins to unwind and chill. Once that is over the campers will move onto their afternoon activities. These activities might include activities such as: Swimming, Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Tie Dye, Nature Hikes, Water Rockets, and much more!

GaGa at Lakeside Christian Camp

Campers will also have time to hang out at the arcade area playing camp favorite games, Ga-Ga and Carpetball. There will also be tournaments during this time in the afternoon. Tournaments might include: Ga-Ga, Carpetball, Tubing, Soccer, Kickball, Wiffleball, and Basketball. They can also visit the camp store and buy yummy snacks. The afternoon ends with cabin activity time, where cabins get to play games or do activities, lead by the cabin leaders. Before you know it, it is time to eat again.

Praise and Worship at Lakeside Christian CampEvenings

In the evenings head to the chapel after dinner for more heart-pumping worship and to hear a message from the speaker for the week. Following that we head down to the rec field to play the all camp game! These games include: Capture the Sticks, Battle Flags, Counselor Hunt, Live Concert, and a Camp Fire and Slide Show on Friday! After these intense all camps there is a little free time, to go to the camp store and to play in the arcade area.  Cabins then head back to their cabins for evening devotions, lead by their cabin leader and end the day in God’s word.