Meet the 2014 Summer Ministry Team

Each summer Lakeside hires extraordinary young adults to serve as camp counselors and strong Christian role models. These individuals are deeply committed to youth ministry and discipleship.  A key part of this commitment is their efforts to raise funds to help children in difficult circumstances attend Lakeside.  These gifts come from families, friends, and people like you. Your gift will help each summer counselor reach their personal goal of enabling two children to attend camp. If you would like to help our 2014 staff meet their goals, please click on the donate button for the staff member whose efforts you would like to help.

Aaron Lickliter Aaron Lickliter: Lead Counselor
School: Pillar College
Major: Christian Minstries
“This summer I am looking forward to working alongside the spirit of the Lord in service to his children, and meeting the needs of and enjoying working with the staff.”

Deanna Wurtemberger Deanna Wurtemberger: Lead Counselor
School: Eastern University
Major: Early Childhood Education
Favorite Camp Activity: Water Balloon Fights “As a staff, we work together as the body of Christ sharing the teachings of the Bible and God’s love. What I look forward to is seeing the campers grasp the messages that they will be hearing and apply them to their lives.”
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Erin Wurtemberger Erin Wurtemberger: Schedule Coordinator
School: Clark University
Years at Lakeside: 10

“I am most looking forward to sitting at the campfire on Friday nights and hearing all of the campers favorite memories from the week and learning about how God has worked in their lives when it was least expected.”

Casey Beardslee Casey Beardslee:  Intern Coordinator/Worship Leader School: Gordon College
“I am so looking forward to leading all of the campers and the staff members in worship! Worshiping through music is my passion and I cannot wait to utilize this passion at Lakeside this Summer.”

Helen Collins Helen Collins: Waterfront Coordinator
School: Gordon College
Major: Biology
“I’m looking forward to showing Christ’s love in aspects of camp, but especially at the waterfront! I’m looking forward to running the waterfront in a safe, fun, and Christ-centered way!”

Shannon Petersen Shannon Petersen: Activities Coordinator
School: Gordon College
Majors: Communication Arts and Psychology
Years at Lakeside: 8
Visit our Blog to Read Why Shannon is Returning This Summer
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Lindsey Kotynski Lindsey Kotynski: Day Camp Coordinator School: Purdue University Major: Elementary Education
“I am looking forward to growing closer to the Lord, while also getting the opportunity to meet a new group of people, and have some fun outdoors!”

Vu Nguyen Vu Nguyen: Dining Services
Favorite Camp Activity: Battle Flags
“I am looking forward seeing campers have fun and being able to have fun with them while learning the words of God.”

Lambsey Hoang

Lambsey Hoang: Counselor
School: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Favorite Camp Activity: campfires ”What I am looking forward to most this summer, is just being a part of Lakeside! I have never spent a summer here before and I am really hopeful and excited to witness all that God has planned this year for everyone at Lakeside!”

Dominic Immordino Dominic Immordino: Counselor
School: Liberty University
Favorite Camp Activity: Anything with sports!
“I am really looking forward to meeting the people I will be working alongside, and seeing the kids and what lies ahead for them”

Anna Lickliter Anna Lickliter: Counselor
School: Iowa State University Major: Civil Engineering
“What I am most looking forward to this summer is definitely working at Lakeside for the first time!  I am super excited to get started, especially after hearing all of the stories about camp from my brother!”

Brian Rooney Brian Rooney: Counselor
School: Gordon College
Favorite Camp Activity: Tubing
“I’m really looking forward to meeting kids and helping them grow and learn in their Spiritual lives, and having a lot of fun doing it!”

Anna Schofer Anna Schofer: Counselor
School: UCONN
Years at Lakeside: 4
“I am most looking forward to getting to know my campers this summer.”

Adam Yorio Adam Yorio: Media Intern
School: Hallmark Institute of Photography
“This summer I look forward to growing in my relationship with the Lord, and making connections with the campers.”

June Rice June Rice: Counselor
Years at Lakeside: 4
“I am most looking forward to sharing how I’ve grown this year and seeing how God has worked in the lives of the campers.” 
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Hallie Miller Hallie Miller: Intern
School: Messiah College
Years at Lakeside: 9
“This summer I’m looking forward to being able to see campers grow in their faith and their understanding of how God can do amazing things in their lives.”

Kasey Hayes Kasey Hayes: Intern
Years at Lakeside: 11
Favorite Camp Activity: Tubing
“I am mostly looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned this year and my walk with Christ, but most importantly build relationships with the campers to encourage and help them with their walk with the Lord.”

Michael Mark Michael Mark: Counselor
School: Messiah College
Years at Lakeside: 2
“I am looking forward to being able to serve in many different capacities this summer.”

Wesley Nelson Wesley Nelson: Counselor
School: Gordon College
Favorite Camp Activity: Carpet Ball
“I’m excited to be leading outdoor skills. The forest beautifully depicts God’s creation and presents a wonderful environment for team building exercises and fellowship.”

Tyler Schools Tyler Schools: Counselor
School: Liberty University
Favorite Camp Activity: Battle Flags
“I am looking forward to being used by God in ways that I never thought could happen.”

Melissa Chervin Melissa Chervin: Counselor
School: Davidson College
“Having God work through me last summer to touch the lives of others was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, and I am so excited to do it again this summer.”

Rebekah Russo Rebekah Russo: Counselor
School: West Coast Baptist College
Major: Elementary Education
“I am just so pumped so see how God is going to do amazing things in each kids life & the best part is that I get to be apart of it.”

Sarah Ranaldson Sarah Ranaldson: Day Camp Counselor
School: University of New Hampshire
Favorite Camp Activity: Anything in the Craft Shack
“This is my first summer as a day camp counselor so I’m really excited for a new experience and working with some old and new staff members!”

Hannah McIntosh Hannah McIntosh: Day Camp Counselor
Years at Lakeside: 3
“I am looking forward to working with fellow Christians and serving and having a good time with the kids!”

Tron Nguyen Tron Nguyen: Dining Services
School: Clark University
“I’m very thankful that I will be an assistant in the kitchen this summer. I’m mostly excited for the interns because it definitely had a major impact on my faith when I was an intern.”

Connor Petersen Connor Petersen: Intern
Years at Lakeside: 8
Favorite Camp Activity: Ultimate Frisbee
“I am looking forward to spending the summer at a beautiful location with all kinds of activities and great people, while also being somewhere that God’s spirit is always present.”

Julia Zawadzki Julia Zawadski: Intern
Years at Lakeside: 3
Favorite Camp Activity: Tubing
“I am looking forward to growing my faith this summer and also helping children get closer to God.”

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