Why I am Returning to Lakeside

Shannon on a "Bear" hunt with her cabin.

Shannon on a “Bear” hunt with her cabin.

The community found at Lakeside is like no other I have ever experienced. It’s not just a group of people coming together by force or obligation, but rather by a common mission. I’m not coming back to Lakeside because it is the best paying, most fun, or the easiest thing I could engage in all summer, rather I’m coming back to Lakeside because of the community. Lakeside is not just something I can do; it is something I can be apart of.

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Lakeside Partners with Hartford City Mission

There are occasions in youth ministry when those intending to be a blessing to others are themselves richly blessed by those to whom they minister. Such was the case earlier this summer when Lakeside staff and campers were deeply blessed by a group of young campers from Camp Noah, a day camp in Hartford, Connecticut. Continue reading

Lakeside Stories: Amanda

Camper to Counselor

Amanda as a Camper

My first summer at Lakeside was 1999. I was a ten year-old junior camper and my counselor was Jill. Away from home for the first time, I was a little fish in a big pond, but I instantly connected with my cabin mates and with Jill. She looked after us, like a mother duck looks after her ducklings, and made sure that we had a week we would never forget. And for our parents’ sakes, she made sure we brushed our teeth, ate our veggies, and showered every now and then – apparently the lake didn’t count? But most importantly, Jill made sure that we knew how much she loved Jesus and how much she loved us. In our daily cabin devotions, she impressed upon us, in a way that we could understand, the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and how we should live in response. Continue reading