Meet the 2016 Summer Ministry Team

Each summer Lakeside hires extraordinary young adults to serve as camp counselors and strong Christian role models. These individuals are deeply committed to youth ministry and discipleship.

A key part of this commitment is their efforts to raise funds to help children in difficult circumstances attend Lakeside.  These funds are specifically used for camper scholarships and programming. Gifts come from families, friends, and people like you.

Your gift will help each summer counselor reach their personal goal of making it possible for a child to attend Christian summer camp. You can help our 2016 staff meet their goals by clicking the donate button for the staff member whose efforts you would like to help.​

Camp Leadership & Staff

Shannon Petersen: Summer Camp Director
School: Gordon College, 2015
Major: Youth Ministry/Communication Arts minoring in Psychology
“I’m looking forward to seeing staff and youth have fun and grow in their relationships with Christ, and just being able to be a part of helping youth see God clearer.”

Jonathan Rowe. Jonathan Rowe: Waterfront Director & Lead Counselor
School: Graduated Gordon College
Major: Music Education
“I am thrilled to be a part of the Lakeside community this summer. Particularly exciting is the opportunity to lead and mentor others in Christ, and to be able to work with other like-minded believers.”
Melissa Corbett. Melissa Corbett: Day Camp Coordinator
School: Mt. Holyoke College, 2000
Major: Education & Psychology w/ Spanish Minor
“I’m looking forward to sharing the love of Jesus and His Word with the campers and seeing it make a difference in their lives. I’m also super excited to be working with my amazing team of day camp counselors again!”
Trevor Hager Trevor Hager: Worship Leader
“I’m looking forward to being able to sing and worship with everyone! Music each night is one of my favorite parts of camp!”

Tayler Hager Tayler Hager: Lead Counselor
School: Western Washington University, 2014
Major: Human Services
“This summer is all about relationship building and creating friendships, and I am so looking forward to that. What better place to build community other than Lakeside Christian Camp!”

Josh Superneau Joshua Superneau: Leadership Program Coordinator
School: Liberty University
Major: Music and Worship-Pastoral Leadership
“I’m really looking forward to pouring my heart and soul into teaching the campers and the staff. I want to help give more insight into scripture, and help them to see Christ in everything.”


IMG_4640 Carlye Poff: Cabin Counselor
School: Wheaton College
Major: Economics w/Spanish Minor
“I love spending time with kids while they are beginning to figure out what God really means to them and what affect he will have on their lives. I love sharing with them a little bit of my story of my relationship with God and encouraging them to seek after God with their whole lives.”

Amanda Gerosa Amanda Gerosa: Cabin Counselor
School: Furman University
Major: Health Science
“I am most looking forward to getting to know kids and building relationships with them and other staff members while serving Jesus.”

Gregory Taylor Gregory Taylor: Cabin Counselor
School: Liberty University
Major: Sports Management
“I am most looking forward to building relationships with my campers, and being a role model and a mentor to them. I love giving youth Godly and biblically based advice to help guide them through difficulties that I experienced when I was their age.”

Taytum Foster Taytum Foster: Cabin Counselor
School: NorthPoint Bible College
Major: Youth Ministry
“I am looking forward to sowing into others and being sown in to. I am excited about all the possibilities for adventure this summer holds and can’t wait to begin this expedition!”

Lindsay Booth Lindsay Booth: Cabin Counselor
School: Liberty University
Major: Exercise Science
“I am looking forward to bringing God into everything that my campers and I encounter. Sometimes we forget that He is the reason that we are here which is why we need little reminders as to who we need to be focused on.”

Tyler Hicks Tyler Hicks: Cabin Counselor & Activities Coordinator
School: Liberty University
Major: Human Services w/Kinesiology Minor
“I am looking forward to teaching and pouring into campers, and seeing the radical change that Jesus Christ brings to youth at such a pivotable age.”

Rachel Hoang Rachel Hoang: Cabin Counselor
School: Gordon College
Major: Communication Arts
“This Summer, I am really looking forward to witnessing young children and teens truly encounter Christ in such a God-centered environment. I am also looking forward to growing closer to God and seeing how He can really use me personally to impact the lives of young campers.”

Joel Andrusik Joel Andrusik: Cabin Counselor
School: Word of Life Bible Institute
Major: Biblical Studies
“I’m really looking forward to living in a community with a great vibe that only Lakeside has, and seeing what God will accomplish this summer. And of course having a ton of fun with the campers!”

Timothy Rounds Timothy Rounds: Cabin Counselor
School: Bridgewater State University
Major: History w/ Secondary Education & Social Studies double minor
“I definitely look forward most to building positive relationships with the staff and campers alike and just helping everyone see their God given purpose and potential through Christ.”

Briana Haggerty Briana Haggerty: Cabin Counselor
School: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Visual Studies w/ Computer Science Minor
“I’m most looking forward being able to witness and participate in a childlike faith and joy in Christ as we draw nearer to him this summer. There is so much opportunity for unrestrained passion and excitement towards God in the kids and staff as He allows us to be a part of nurturing a generation that is hungry for Him.”

Matthew Bishop Matthew Bishop: Assistant Cabin Counselor
School: Liberty University
Major: Cinematic Arts
“I can’t wait to see the kids who continuously enjoy camp every year to return back for another summer, and for the new campers to fall in love with Lakeside like I once did.”

Sara Lareau Sara Lareau: Assistant Cabin Counselor
School: Gordon College
Major: Biology – Pre-med
“I’m really looking forward to getting to know the campers and my fellow staff members, and making lifelong friendships.”

Brandan Sushko Brandan Sushko: Camp Counselor
School: Liberty University
Major: Digital Media & Communications
“I am looking forward to be able to teach and share the word with campers this summer. I love being able to connect and interact with them, and watching the campers grow and learn about our savior Jesus Christ and having fun while doing it.”

Samantha El Saddik Samantha El Saddik:  Day Camp Couselor
Future Major: Elementary Education & Psychology
“What I’m most looking forward to this summer is working with the kids and watching their relationships with God flourish! I’m excited to meet everyone and see all the great new friendships that will be formed!”

Julia Zawakzki Julia Zawadski: Day Camp Counselor
School: Lee University
Major: Early Childhood Education & Psychology
“I am most looking forward to meeting the campers and watching them grow while they play and have fun. I love working with kids and seeing how much they want to learn about Jesus.”

Christy Superneau Christy Superneau: Day Camp Counselor
School: Liberty University
Major: Family and Child Development
“What I am excited most about this summer is teaching the children about Christ and having fun while doing it! I love about working in youth ministry because of excitement and passion that the children have for God once they know Him. Nothing holds them back!”

Zach Orletzkiy Zachary Orletzkiy: Day Camp Counselor
School: University of Connecticut
Major: Mathematics & Secondary Education
“I love being able to reflect Christ’s example by being a kids camp counselor. The impact we have as older role models to the kids who come to camp is really profound and humbling. Showing kids how to have a blast in a way that honors God is such a privilege.”

Emily Lundberg Emily Lundberg: Volunteer Counselor
School: Gordon College
Major: Psychology
“I am looking forward to serving the ministry of Lakeside and seeing old and new campers be impacted by God.”

Jenna Joyal Jenna Joyal:  Volunteer Counselor
School:  Liberty University
“I’m looking forward to building relationships with the campers and staff along with strengthening my relationship with God. I love seeing how passionate kids are about the Lord every summer.”

Intern Leadership Program

Hannah McIntosh Hannah McIntosh: Leadership Program Counselor
Future Plans: New York Institute of Photography
Major: Photography & Marketing
“I love being around like minded Christians that talk about and act out their faith in Christ, and I love being a part of something that is bigger than myself and that will last in eternity!”

Connor Petersen
Connor Petersen: Leadership Program Counselor
North Carolina State University
Major: Aerospace Engineering
“I’m excited to to spend the whole summer outdoors with campers and staff who love Christ and love to have fun!”
 Cassie Winn: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Culinary Institute of America
“I’m looking forward to having fun with the campers, and just seeing their willingness to grow and learn!”

Jed Andrusik  Jed Andrusik: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Attending the Word of Life Bible Institute
“I’m looking forward to being able be a part of ministering to the campers at Lakeside, and work alongside a really cool staff.”

Eve Peppler Eve Peppler: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Gordon or Messiah College
“I am most looking forward to serving the Lord by mentoring kids and working toward fulfilling my purpose. I will be very happy to spend a lot of my time outdoors this summer, and very much hope to grow in my relationship with Christ.”

Katie Trefrey: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Messiah College
“I am looking forward to seeing kids’ relationships with Christ furthering during their time at Lakeside. I’m also looking forward to being outdoors and furthering my own relationship with Christ”

Alivia Delisle Alivia Delisle: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Ministry in Japan
“I’m excited for the opportunity to learn and grow, minister, and witness God’s hand in the youth at Lakeside this summer.”

Cara Petersen Cara Peterson: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Majoring in Communications and Ministry
“I am looking forward to seeing the transformation in camper’s lives as they learn and grow in the love and power of God. It’s going to be an awesome summer!”

David McIntosh David McIntosh: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Evangel University
“I’m looking forward to seeing the campers grow in Christ and become fishers of men, I love seeing lives changed at such a young age for Christ’s kingdom!”

Sarah Kavarnos Sarah Kavarnos: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Moody Bible Institute
“I am most looking forward to growing deeper into my relationship with God and being able to witness what God will do in the lives of all the campers that come through Lakeside.”

Brianna Gaffney Briana Gaffney: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Fairfield University
“I love sharing God’s word with so many people especially those who are younger then me in hopes that it will help them to grow closer to Jesus.”

David Scaffidi David Scaffidi: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: College & Military
“I’m looking forward to having fun and hanging out with the staff, as well as seeing the campers grow in their relationship with Christ.”

Monique Mourao Monique Mourao: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Study Chemistry at a Christian College
“What I’m looking forward to most this summer is teaching kids about God in a fun Christian environment!”

William Hoang William Hoang: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Attending Christian College
“I’m looking forward to working along other like minded Christians, and being able to minster to the campers.”

Allie Carmon Allie Carmon: Leadership Program Intern
Future Plans: Major in Neonatal Nursing w/ Ministry Minor
“I’m looking forward to having fun this summer, and watching my faith grow as I get to meet and enrich others lives as they do the same for me.”


Laura Grosso Laura Grosso: Media Specialist
School: Quinnipiac University
Major: Film, Television and Media Arts
“I used to come to Lakeside as a camper and to be able to come back and be on staff, and to help kids have summers like I had is extremely exciting! I love kids, and being able to be a person they can look up to and go to with their questions is surreal.”

Kirklan Doherty Kirklan Doherty: Operations Staff
School: Framingham State University
Major: Earth Science
“I’m looking forward to using my skills to fulfill what God has in store for me, and having the opportunity to share my faith with others in a friendly setting.”

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